Our Vision


Upholding the true spirit envisaged in the pledge  administered by our great founder, we are committed to promote harmonious relations with all other community members while dedicating ourselves for the upliftment, development   and welfare of Nair community as a whole, in every walk of life.   These include fields of education,  social life and culture, especially those traditional values and customs which are very dear to Nairs.    We intend not only to preserve our rich values and customs but also to pass it on to the generations to follow in the present form without letting it succumb to the influence of western culture.   We strive to bring all Nairs of Vidarbha region under a single umbrella thereby promoting unity and co-operation among themselves which in turn would help us serve them better.    In a long run, it will facilitate serving the needy at large by way of various charitable activities which are in the pipeline.

Traditional begining to a mega event ; Chief Guest inaugrating
Onam 2006
Blessings form the Emperor : Mahabali blesses the audience, a seen from Onam celebration 2006