Core Community Services


Basic community services : The successive Executive   Committees endeavoured to serve the community better and better.    They rejuvenated  the decaying customs among local Nair families especially those connected with marriage and death of community members.     NSS Vidarbha has been conducting many marriages and funerals of Nair community members under its aegis with the traditional touch.    The Society conducts all the rituals right from the day of cremation till the culmination on 12th or 15th day rituals It also makes its presence at the funerals of other fellow Keralites.

Marriage Registration : Similarly,  NSS Vidarbha helps its members find suitable match through registration of  marriageable youths and arranging Meet of Marriageable Youths but also performs marriage engagements and also solemnise marriages under its aegis on demand by the members.    It helps conduct the functions in the traditional manner and issues certificates of engagement and marriage.    All members are welcome to avail this facility to its maximum and register names of their marriageable wards and help other members of the Society as well to facilitate finding suitable match.     A blank registration form is available on this website.  

Other Charity Services : The society also extends its ever helping hand to any Keralite in distress.    Financial assistance is being extended to needy Malayalees for medical treatment, daughter’s marriage and conducting funerals etc to the needy families.    When situation so demands, we also go a step ahead by arraging finance from other sources, too.    We also undertake philanthropic and other benevolent charitable services to the community at large.  We conduct poor feeding, distribution of clothes etc to the inmates of orphanages etc from time to time, especially during Mannam Jayanthi week.
Blood donation camp: A noble
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Cloth distribution to the
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Poor feeding by NSS at one
of the Orphanages