Our Pioneers in the mission

It is in the wake of unprecedented influence of western culture in the last leg of 20th century that few elders of the community met at the residence of Shri Kaninghat Sreedharan Nair, 47 Sant Gadge Baba Nagar, Mankapur, Nagpur and took upon themselves the responsibility to preserve and enrich the traditional values and customs of Nair community.   In furtherance of this resolve, on 13th September, 1992, they laid foundation for Nair Service Society, Vidarbha by registering the  Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.   

The following pioneers constituted the governing body of the Society at its inception:-

1) Shri Kayalvarath Narayanan Ramakrishna Pillai  


2) Shri  Edathil Ramachandran Nair   Vice-President
3) Shri Kaninghat Sreedharan Nair   Seretary (Fin & Adm)
4) Shri Raman Pillai Rajendran Pillai   General Secretary
5) Shri Padmanabhan Prabhakaran Nair   Organising Secretary
6) Smt  Kaningath Rema Nair   Member
7) Smt Mahalaxmi Sreedharan Pillai   Member
The suceeding years witnessed the baton of NSS vidarbha changing the following hands :-
Period President Vice President Genral Secretary Finance Secretary
1994-96 Shri KNR Pillai Shri ERC Nair Shri PJ pillai Shri PP Nair
1996-98 Shri NS Pillai Shri ERC Nair Shri RR Pillai Shri PKR Nair
1998-00 Shri SS Nair Shri GKC Panicker Shri RS Unnithan Shri BCK Nair
2000-02 Shri NS Pillai Shri ERC Nair Shri RR Pillai Shri A K Nair
2002-04 Shri NGT Nair Shri RS Kaimal Shri ERC Nair/Shri EV Nair Shri RR Pillai


Shri NGT Nair Shri RS Kaimal Shri PM Kutty Shri KTN Ramachandran
2006-08 Shri NGT Nair/
Shri NS Panicker
Shri NS Panicker/
Shri C Radhakrishnan Nair
Shri PK Nair Shri AU Nair